Collators from ZEUS TECHNO INC

Innovations in collators from ZEUS TECHNO INC

At ZEUS TECHNO INC, innovation is at the core of every product we manufacture. Our commitment to technical excellence and customer service has led us to be a recognized leader in the industrial nail production industry. Whether you need paper tape, plastic strip, or wire welding collators, at ZEUS TECHNO INC, you will find cutting-edge solutions designed to take your nail production to the next level.

Wire Weld Collators: These collators utilize innovative wire welding techniques to keep the nails in a linear alignment. The wire welding ensures a solid and secure connection between the nails, facilitating their handling and processing on the production line. ZEUS TECHNO INC's wire welding collators are synonymous with precision and speed.

Plastic Strip Collators: Known for their versatility and user-friendliness, plastic strip collators provide a strong bond between the nails while allowing for easy separation of the nails for subsequent use. Precision engineering in ZEUS TECHNO INC's plastic strip collators ensures accurate alignment and seamless production.

Paper Tape Collators: Highly valued for their ability to collate nails using paper tape. The paper tape provides a secure and reliable bond between the nails, ensuring smooth and safe handling on the production line. ZEUS TECHNO INC's paper tape collators offer an efficient and environmentally friendly solution.