Plastic Strip Collators from ZEUS TECHNO INC

Innovations in Plastic Strip Collators from ZEUS TECHNO INC

ZEUS TECHNO INC brings innovation to the forefront with our Plastic Strip Collators. These machines are designed to revolutionize nail collation using plastic strip technology. Our unwavering commitment to technical excellence and customer satisfaction has firmly established us as a leader in the industrial nail production sector.

Collator MS-5: The MS-5 Plastic Strip Collator is a high-speed marvel, capable of collating nails at up to 2,500 nails per minute. It employs advanced plastic strip technology to ensure precise nail alignment while allowing for easy separation. With ZEUS TECHNO INC's MS-5, expect unparalleled accuracy and seamless production.

Collator PS-160: The PS-160 Plastic Strip Collator takes collation to the next level with speeds of up to 1,500 nails per minute. Using plastic strip technology, it provides a secure bond between nails, ensuring smooth handling during production. ZEUS TECHNO INC's PS-160 offers an efficient and eco-friendly collation solution.

Collator PL-20: The PL-20 Plastic Strip Collator offers collation speeds of up to 1,200 nails per minute. It utilizes plastic strip technology for precise nail alignment. With its compact design, ZEUS TECHNO INC's PL-20 is a versatile and efficient choice for nail collation.

Collator PCS-125: The PCS-125 Plastic Sheet Collator is designed for versatile collation with speeds of up to 1,500 nails per minute. Using plastic sheets, it securely collates nails as specified by the customer. ZEUS TECHNO INC's PCS-125 offers flexibility and precision in collation.

Collator SC-83: The SC-83 Plastic Strip Collator is a reliable choice for nail collation. Although specific data is not available, it utilizes plastic strip technology to ensure nails are collated accurately. ZEUS TECHNO INC's SC-83 delivers dependable performance for your collation needs.

ZEUS TECHNO INC's Plastic Strip Collators are synonymous with precision and efficiency. Whether you require high-speed collation, versatility, or eco-friendly solutions, our Plastic Strip Collators are designed to meet your diverse production needs.