Wire Weld Collators from ZEUS TECHNO INC

Innovations in Wire Weld Collators from ZEUS TECHNO INC

ZEUS TECHNO INC takes innovation to the next level with our Wire Weld Collators. These machines utilize cutting-edge wire welding techniques, setting new standards in nail collation. Our commitment to technical excellence and customer service has made us an industry leader in industrial nail production.

Collator CL-20: The CL-20 Collator is designed for high-speed collation, capable of handling up to 2,300 nails per minute. Its innovative wire welding technology ensures precise and secure nail alignment, making it a benchmark for efficiency and accuracy in nail collation.

Collator CM-90: With a collating speed of up to 3,000 nails per minute, the CM-90 sets the pace in wire welding collation. Its advanced wire welding techniques, along with features like high-frequency inverter welding and coating capabilities, make it a top choice for nail manufacturing.

Collator CN-90: The CN-90 Wire Weld Collator offers exceptional collation speed, reaching up to 3,000 nails per minute. Its wire welding technology ensures a secure connection between nails, setting new standards for efficiency in nail production.

Collator MC-5: The MC-5 is a powerhouse, collating nails at speeds of up to 5,000 nails per minute. Its precision wire welding, coiling, and coating capabilities make it the ultimate choice for high-speed nail collation.

Collator CH-90: The CH-90 offers efficient collation at speeds of up to 2,000 nails per minute. Its innovative wire welding technology, combined with advanced features like coating and coiling, ensures precise and reliable nail collation.

Each of our Wire Weld Collators is a testament to precision and speed. Whether you need high-speed collation or advanced coating capabilities, ZEUS TECHNO INC's Wire Weld Collators have got you covered.