ZEUS-TECHNO Inc. Innovating the Nail Collating Industry

ZEUS-TECHNO Inc. was established in 1979. At that time, our main business was making collated nails only. In 1997 I took over as the company CEO and we decided to design and manufacture nail collating machines. The first one we developed was plastic strip nail collator followed by wire coil and paper tape. Our machines family was later joined by thread roller and carbide dies and is still growing.

Over the years ZEUS-TECHNO inc. has become a leading manufacturer in the industry. Most of the major players in the field are our business partners. Currently we export machines to America, Europe, Asia, and even to Africa every year. Our staff is always ready to help you make your business grow with us.

Our business philosophy is to provide quality collators to customers at competitive prices compared to any other company active in this field around the world.

ZEUS-TECHNO Inc. pledges to continually improve our collators to make sure our customers can buy leading-edge machines that meet the highest technical standards.

We always listen to our customers feedback and make every effort to fulfil their requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.

KIM Chi Hyun, CEO


1979: ZEUS TECHNO Inc. is established as a nail manufacturer

1997: the company starts the production of nail collators, plastic, wire and paper collated

2004: Production of thread roller and carbide dies begins

2020: High-speed nail header “B” series is developed