Thread roller

The RT-20S Thread roller from ZEUS TECHNO INC

Thread roller RT-20S is a versatile thread rolling machine designed for efficient nail production. With the capability to roll up to 2,000 nails per minute, it handles both SPIRAL Shank and RING Shank nails. Advanced features like the Neo PWM vibrating system, precise cam nail feeding, and a 15 hp main motor with vector drive ensure optimal performance. This compact machine, equipped with a cooling system, showcases ZEUS TECHNO INC's commitment to precision and innovation in nail manufacturing.

The RT-20S comes with essential equipment such as the Bowl Feeder RF-36A, which seamlessly integrates into the workflow, and optional equipment including a dust collector for a cleaner production environment. The machine's space-efficient design, with dimensions of 1,800 x 1,200 x 1,700 mm, ensures it can be easily incorporated into manufacturing facilities without taking up excessive space.

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