Thread Rollers RT 20 Series

Key features of the RT-20 series

The RT 20 series of Thread Rollers by ZEUS TECHNO INC represents an advanced solution for efficient nail production. This series includes two distinct models: the RT 20C and RT 20S. The RT 20C is a high-speed thread roller designed for ring shank nail production, achieving speeds of up to 2,500 nails per minute. It features Neo PWM vibrating systems, a precise servo motor-driven screw system for nail feeding, and a robust main driving motor with a full feature vector drive. The RT 20S, on the other hand, offers precise cam feeding and is suitable for both ring shank and screw shank nails. It operates at speeds of up to 2,000 nails per minute and also includes advanced features like Neo PWM vibrating systems and a precise cam nail feeding system.

RT-20C and RT-20S comparation

Key differences between the RT 20C and RT 20S lie in the thread types they can handle. While the RT 20C is optimized for RING Shank nails, the RT 20S is versatile, accommodating both SPIRAL Shank and RING Shank nails. Both models share the same wire diameter and nail length ranges, as well as technical features such as the straight steep down rail, adjustable thread height, and powerful main driving motor. Furthermore, they come with essential equipment like the Bowl Feeder RF-36A and optional features including a dust collector and specific cam versions for thicker nails. ZEUS TECHNO INC's RT 20 series demonstrates their commitment to precision and innovation in the field of nail manufacturing.