Detail of the Dust Collector 5HP

Step up to a higher level of dust and oil collection with 5HP Dust Collector.

Dust Collector 5HP from ZEUS TECHNO INC

Dust Collector 5HP is designed to tackle even the most demanding threading roller environments with its impressive 5-horsepower motor. Equipped with our signature triple-layer filter system, it excels at capturing and separating dust and oil particles, ensuring that your workspace remains clean and safe. With a wind flow rate of 10 cubic meters per minute, it can handle heavy-duty production requirements with ease. Operate the 5HP collector seamlessly on 3-phase electrical power, ranging from 220V to 440V, and it's compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz power sources. Elevate your threading roller operations with this high-capacity collector, and enjoy the benefits of improved air quality and optimized production efficiency.

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