Dustless Dust Collectors

Efficient Dust Collection Solutions

Our Dust Collectors are designed to effectively capture dust and oil particles generated during threading roller processes, ensuring a healthier and safer working environment. The key feature of these collectors is their triple-layer filter system, which efficiently separates and traps contaminants, leaving the air in your facility clean and breathable. With a robust wind flow rate of 10 cubic meters per minute, these collectors have the capacity to handle even heavy-duty production requirements. They operate seamlessly on 3-phase electrical power, ranging from 220V to 440V, and are compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz power sources. Invest in ZEUS TECHNO INC's Dustless Dust Collectors, and experience improved air quality, enhanced worker well-being, and increased operational efficiency in your threading roller facility. Keep your workspace dust-free and your operations running smoothly with our reliable dust collection solutions.