Thread roller

The RT 20SL 300 Thread Roller from ZEUS TECHNO INC

Thread roller RT 20SL 300 is a powerful and versatile machine designed for efficient and precise nail threading operations. It is capable of handling different thread types, including Spiral Shank and Ring Shank, and has a wide range of nail diameters from 1.2mm to 4.2mm. The machine can accommodate nail lengths ranging from 160mm to 300mm, with a thread length range of 76mm. With a speed of 300 nails per minute, the RT-20SL 300 ensures high productivity. It is equipped with a reliable 11kW main motor that provides ample power for the machine's operations. The electric power requirement is 15kVA, with options for 210-230V or 340-400V, and a frequency of 50-60Hz.

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