Nail Making Machines from ZEUS TECHNO INC

Nail Making Machines - Nail Headers

Nail Making Machines commonly known as nail headers or nail banks play a crucial role in the production of high-quality nails from wire. These machines from company ZEUS TECHNO INC are designed to deliver consistent and efficient performance, ensuring precision in nail head formation and offering low maintenance costs.

Hybrid Nail Making Machine 20/25: This machine boasts high efficiency while preserving the quality of nail head forming and precise geometrical shapes even at high speed. This is reached by combination of rotating move of semi-finished wire cut to a precise length inside the machine to the point where the wire is formed and of classic forming method - move of the forming punch along the axis of the semi-finished wire. Classic nail head forming method by cam mechanism provides for manufacturing of both classic nails and nails with marked heads, or roofing nails.

Comparative guide to Nail Making Machines

B-20 Model: Nail header B-20 excels in high-speed nail production, boasting an impressive speed of up to 1,500 nails per minute. Suitable for wire diameters ranging from 2.5mm to 3.43mm and nail lengths between 50mm to 75mm, the B-20 is perfect for high-volume manufacturing.

B-3 Model: The nail header B3 is an excellent choice for general-purpose nail manufacturing at high speeds. With a remarkable production rate of up to 1,000 nails per minute, it becomes the preferred option for larger production volumes.

B-4 Model: Similar to the B3, the nail header B4 also suits general-purpose high-speed nail manufacturing. While it boasts a wider wire diameter range, its production speed of up to 800 nails per minute makes it a solid competitor.

B-5 Model: For those emphasizing precision and consistent high-speed production, the nail header B5 is a standout option. With a focus on quality and an output of up to 350 nails per minute, the B5 model is a reliable choice.

B-7 Model: When heavy-duty industrial applications necessitate a wide range of nail sizes, the nail header B7 proves to be the ideal machine. Its extensive nail length and diameter capacity, along with a robust production speed of up to 250 nails per minute, make it a valuable asset.