Bowl Feeders

Feeding Systems and Control

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and precision in your industrial nail production line with advanced Feeding Systems and Control from ZEUS TECHNO INC. From the nimble RF-32A to the high-speed RF-40A, our bowl feeders deliver a steady and consistent supply of nails, ranging from small to large scales. Paired with the DFC-10 Controller, take full control of your feeding speeds and timings to ensure a seamless and optimized production process. Elevate your productivity, reduce waste, and achieve excellence with our innovative solutions.

Bowl Feeder RF-32A is likely an entry-level bowl feeding unit ideal for small to medium-sized industrial nail production lines. With a likely feeding speed of up to 3,500 nails per minute, this unit is probably designed for nails with a diameter ranging from around 2 to 4 mm and lengths of 45 to 150 mm. Electrical requirements might be around 1.5 kW, 3P, 210-230 V, 50-60 Hz, and the air supply could be 6 bar. This unit is probably smaller and lighter, needing a space of approximately 650x650 mm.

Bowl Feeder RF-36A is a versatile feeding machine designed for medium to large-scale nail production lines. It boasts a maximum feeding speed of up to 4,000 nails per minute. The machine can accommodate nails with diameters between 2.03 - 4.1 mm and lengths from 45 - 160 mm. It operates on 2 kW, 3P, 210-230 V, 50-60 Hz and requires an air supply of 6 bar. The device weighs approximately 400 kg and requires a space of 700 x 700 mm.

Bowl Feeder RF-40A is a high-end, high-capacity bowl feeder designed for large-scale industrial nail production. With a maximum feeding speed of up to 4,500 nails per minute, this unit is capable of handling nails with diameters from 2.03 to 5 mm and lengths ranging from 45 to 300 mm. It requires an electric power of 2 kW, 3P, 210-230 V, 50-60 Hz, and an air supply of 6 bar. The unit weighs around 450 kg and requires a footprint of 850 x 850 mm.

Bowl Feeder controller DFC-10 serves as the control unit for bowl feeders in industrial nail production lines. This controller allows for precise management of feeding speeds, timing, and other parameters essential for the efficient operation of the associated bowl feeders. Its compatibility likely extends to various models like the RF-32A, RF-36A, and RF-40A, ensuring seamless integration and optimum performance.