Detail of Fully Automatic Autobander

Automate Your Nail Bundling with Unmatched Efficiency—The Fully Automatic Autobander from ZEUS TECHNO INC.

Fully-Automatic Autobander

Fully-Automatic Autobander is the epitome of automation and efficiency in nail bundling. Engineered to operate seamlessly within your production line, this machine offers speed, precision, and minimal manual intervention. Running on an electric power supply between 210 - 230 V and 50 - 60 Hz, it guarantees consistent, high-quality performance. Capable of handling a loading weight of up to 10 kg and utilizing rubber bands sized at 1.3 x 1.3, with a 70 mm length, this machine is the ultimate solution for high-volume, industrial nail bundling. With ZEUS TECHNO INC's Fully Automatic Autobander, you're investing in reliability, speed, and unparalleled automation.

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