Autopackers from ZEUS TECHNO INC

Autopackers - Automating the Packaging Process.

Autopacker is the automated packing system usually located at the end of the production line, designed to pack nail rolls into cartons. The main purpose of autopackers is to streamline and optimize the packing process by replacing manual labor with automated machinery. This can lead to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved overall product quality.

Autopacker CAP stands for collated by automatic welding collator. This system is designed to pack nails that are collated using a wire welding collator. In this collation method, the nails are connected together using thin wire welded to the shanks of the nails. The wire collation keeps the nails in a linear arrangement and allows them to be easily fed into the packing system for automated packaging.

Autopacker SAP stands for collated by plastic strips and paper tape collator. This system is intended for packing nails that are collated using plastic strips or paper tape collators. In this collation method, the nails are held together in a sequence using either plastic strips or paper tape, which can be configured to break apart easily when fed into the packaging machine.

Autopacker WP-25 is designed for bulk nail packaging. This system is suitable for nails in a certain diameter and length range. It can pack nails efficiently and quickly, making it an ideal choice for high-volume nail production. The WP-25 system is known for its precision and reliability in packaging nails for distribution and use.

The choice between CAP, SAP, and WP-25 systems may depend on factors such as the type of collation preferred by the manufacturer, the specific characteristics of the nails being produced, the production speed, and other operational considerations. All these systems aim to automate the packing process for industrial wire nails, leading to increased efficiency and reduced manual labor. The use of autopackers helps optimize the end-of-line process, ensuring the product is ready for distribution and use in a streamlined manner.