Roladoras Serie RT 20SL

Características clave de la serie RT-20SL

La Serie RT-20SL de Roladoras comprising the RT-20SL 160 and RT-20SL 300 models, represents a versatile thread rolling solution by Zeus Techno. Designed for both SPIRAL and RING shank nails, these machines boast impressive technical specifications, including wire diameter compatibility of 1.2 - 4.2 mm, nail length range of 75 - 160 mm (RT-20SL 160) and 160 - 300 mm (RT-20SL 300), and production speeds of 600 and 300 nails per minute, respectively. With essential features like Neo PWM vibrating systems, precise cam nail feeding, and a powerful main driving motor, these machines ensure impeccable thread quality. The optional dust collector further enhances efficiency in production.

Comparación entre RT-20SL 160 y RT-20SL 300

Principales diferencias entre el RT-20SL 160 y el 300 lie primarily in the nail length ranges they can handle. The RT-20SL 160 is optimized for nail lengths ranging from 75 to 160 mm, making it suitable for precision manufacturing within this specific range. On the other hand, the RT-20SL 300 is designed to accommodate longer nails, with a nail length range of 160 to 300 mm. While both models share the same technical features and specifications, such as Neo PWM vibrating systems, adjustable thread height, and a powerful main driving motor, their distinct focus on nail lengths makes them suitable for different applications. The RT-20SL 160 excels in producing nails within a specific length range, ensuring precision and consistency. In contrast, the RT-20SL 300 is tailored to meet the needs of applications requiring the production of longer nails while maintaining the high standards of quality and performance associated with Zeus Techno thread rolling machines.